Meet the Chef

Meet Doug Sanders, our Chef here at the Nature’s Indulgence bakery in Caldwell, Idaho.

Doug is a presidential graduate of Northwest Culinary, and his work experience includes dessert and pastry focused private catering under Iron Chef Portland Tim McCusker, as well as baking at McTavish Shortbread in Portland, OR. He has worked for the last 4 years producing over 20,000 pounds of our delicious granola, entirely by hand without the use of any automation.

“I decided that I wanted to try to create things that were healthy for people, but still tasted like they were bad for you.” Even in his pastry work he managed to create much healthier desserts by alternating ingredients for less carbs, less fat and fewer calories, without compromising the flavor or using artificial additives by using natural, although unusual foods.

Doug’s hobbies include: Velocity Stilting, White Water Kayaking, Hiking, Snowboarding, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Biking, Swimming, Photography, Molecular Gastronomy, Skydiving, and Gardening.